Thursday, January 19, 2017

YBC Book Review - "The Witnesses" by Robert Whitlow

I've done a lot of reading lately, so here's my next review.

"The Witnesses" by Robert Whitlow.

I requested this book from BookLookBloggers as a change of pace of my normal genre of novels.  And I was glad I did.
And if you enjoy historical based fiction, you will enjoy this book too.

Parker House is an up and coming lawyer who shares a "gift" with his grandfather, Franz Haus, who was an officer in the German army during WWII.  The gift is the ability to see snatches of future situations.

Franz runs away from the war, changes his name, and ends up in North Carolina.  The years go by, and one day, Franz's history runs smack dab back into his life, and Parker's life.  The ending was very good, and tied up the loose ends wonderfully.

If you enjoy history and suspense, and even romance, you'll enjoy this book.

Be blessed,

*I received a free copy of this ebook from Book Look Bloggers for my honest review.*

Monday, January 16, 2017

My Cancer Journey

This is my life now.
Which is why my posts have been sooooo spread out lately.

Today I have stage 2A
Otherwise known as lung cancer.

You can read the beginnings of my health issues here
and here.

And here is where I am today...
doctor appointment after doctor appointment after doctor appointment.  I now have my GP who is watching my diabetes, which is mostly under control.  In fact, my latest A1C says that I am NOT diabetic anymore.  Yippee!!!
I also have a cardiologist, a pulmonary doctor, a surgeon specialist, an oncologist....and her whole team, and this week I get to meet a new surgeon who is going to give my a port-a-cath, which is a small device implanted under the skin where they can hook me up for my chemotherapy treatments.  In fact, I have a doctors appointment every day this week.
So much for a regular life right now.

But it's not all doom and gloom.

After my surgery they only found a few cancer cells in 2 out of 7 lymph nodes (which is what bumped me up to stage 2A) so it is very early and the doctors are very optimistic that the chemo will be successful, and I will only need 4 treatments over the next 12 weeks.  

A "perk" of this situation is my brother and sister made the trip from New York to visit me this past weekend.  It was wonderful.

When you live 5 states away from each other, visits are few and far between, and while we talk on the phone and share on Facebook, there is nothing like a real physical visit.

We played games, (I found out that my brother STILL cheats, hahahaha)
talked, and laughed till it hurt.
I laughed so hard, I kept running out of breath.
I loved it,
but I am exhausted. 

Here's another positive, when (IF) I lose my hair, I can go shopping for more vintage hats


I told hubby I'm getting a HOT PINK WIG!
What do you think?
I don't know who this girl is, but she is beautiful and that hair is

Hubby is not so thrilled, so I'll get a normal boring wig too. hahahaha

My 15 year old daughter just told me I was too old for pink hair.

I say you're never too old for pink hair.

So what do you think?
Pink hair, yay or nay?

Be blessed,

Saturday, January 7, 2017

A Snowy Caturday Shopping

Here in North Carolina we woke up to about 5 inches of snow.
Actually that's not too unusual, we do get snow here.
It just melts pretty fast, which is my favorite part of a southern winter.
Here's the video I shot of my front porch this morning.

Now for some Caturday fun.

This is my baby Patches, and she loves to play.  Usually in the middle of the night while the rest of us are sleeping.  So let's do some surfing and see what great handmade cat items I can find for her cattiness. lol

Two of my requirements for shopping is handmade and American made, and I just found a cool site (based in Indiana),  Let's see what I found...

My cat would love this silly sea cucumber, hopefully better than my arm.  She never bothered much with the small mice toys, but this long toys is something she would love.  You can get this toy, (and many of their other toys) with, or without catnip.

Isn't this cute?  A cat sleeping bag.  If you're tired of your cat messing up your bed after you make it, get them their own bed.

My Patches is not a burrower, so this wool blanket would be great for her.

Here's a few interesting points about
They are an American company, family owned, and based in Indiana.
They use only all natural supplies in creating their items.  No dyes.  No synthetics. 
The give 5% of each and every sale to no kill/rescue organization.
And they carry items for not just cats, but dogs, and their humans. lol

Click on a link and visit this site.
And place an order for something special for your furbabies.

Be blessed,

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

YBC Book Review - The Calling by Rachelle Dekker

It's that time again.  Time for another Yankee Burrow Creations book review.
Today I just finished Rachelle Dekker's "The Calling".  It's the second book in her Seer Novel series.
I read the first book "The Choosing" last May for Tyndale House, (you can read that review here),  and enjoyed it so much, that I actually purchased "The Calling".  Money well spent!

Here's a quick "The Choosing" Carrington had lost her place in the new society that had been set up by The Authority, and lived the hard life of a lint.  A society worker.  She met a security guard named Remko, but according the The Authority, they were not allowed to be together.  Then she was chosen to be the wife of an Authority leader.   The man was a serial killer, and crazy.  
After twists and turns, Remko managed to rescue Carrington, and they slipped out of the city and ran away to join The Seers.  A group of people who were following the teachings of Aaron.
Teachings of peace, love, and freedom.
(Sound familiar?)

"The Calling" opens up with Remko and Carrington married, and the parents of an infant.  Remko is the defacto leader of a small band of seers, and he leads missions into the city to rescue others that are answering the call of The Father.  The story line has great twists and turns, enough tension to keep you on the edge of your seat, and enough emotions to make you feel connected to the characters.  And the end of the book is a great cliff hanger, and makes me glad that I had already ordered book 3 from Tyndale House for review.

The quality of this story in not surprising, considering that Rachelle is the daughter of famed author Ted Dekker.  But don't be fooled, while there are similarities in genre, Rachelle is an author with her own style.  Complicated yet simple.  Exciting yet soft.  And easy to read, because the story lines just flow.  You get pulled in, feel a connection with the characters, and forget all about the rest of the world.  If you haven't checked out Rachelle's talent, get going!
You can meet up with her on FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram.
Now I'm off to devour "The Returning".

Be blessed,

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