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Monday, March 23, 2015

YBC Book Review - Counter Culture by David Platt

I just finished reading "Counter Culture" by David Platt for Tyndale House Publishing, and I really like it.  It was kind of hard to get into at first, because it talks about difficult subjects, but I'm glad I finished it.  You will be too.

In this day and age, I think we can agree that things are not going well.  At all.  We have a society of people who are only concerned with themselves, and that selfishness has always been the downfall of civilization.  But it's not too late.  We can change ourselves, and we can, and must, change the world around us.  Here are a few of my favorite parts in this book.  Parts that really spoke to me, or made me question my own outlook.

Where rich and poor collide: the gospel and poverty...."Giving to those in need is not about sharing handouts; it's about sharing life.  Helping those in need doesn't consist of throwing our money at something; it involves investing our lives in someone, which is much, much harder to do."  In other words, while it may be easier to give someone a fish, it is better, and longer lasting, to teach someone to fish.  So instead of just donating canned goods to your local food bank, volunteer at the local shelter to teach job skills.

Modern Holocaust: the gospel and abortion....."Across the world, over 42,000,000 million abortions occur every year.  That's 115,000 abortions every day."  This is such a hot hot topic, with no real easy answer, BUT we much reach out, not only to end abortion, but to offer healing and understanding to those who felt there was no other option.

Christ in the public square; the gospel and religious liberty...."The denial of this freedom affects people of different faiths, yet followers of Christ are the most widely persecuted religious group in the world.  According to the US Department of State, Christians face persecution of some kink in more that sixty different countries today."

Here is a list of the subjects confronted in this book....
orphans and widows
sex slavery
sexual morality
religious liberty
the unreached

And I have to say my favorite parts are at the end of each chapter.  David gives us steps to help us counter the culture of each subject.

Now for a little background on the author David Platt.
Beginning in 2006, he served as the pastor of the Church at Brook Hill in Birmingham AL.  Today he is the president of the International Mission Board (imb.org) and the founder of Radical (radical.net), a rescource ministry serving the church to accomplish the mission of Christ.

Here is a cool video....

Be blessed,

Sunday, March 22, 2015

One Week Left Till The Start Of My Craft Show Season

Friday was the first day of spring (and Hannah's birthday) 
and that leaves me only 1 week to complete my preparations for....

While munching on birthday cake, I found some more display ideas on Pinterst....
(I love love love Pinterest)

Yesterday I got my canopy...it's bright pink!  You know how I love color!

What tips do you have for a successful show?

Be blessed,

Friday, March 20, 2015

My Little Girl Is Growing Up....Too Fast For This Momma

Today is my baby girl's 14th birthday!
Where did the time go?
I remember when she first moved in, she was only 5, cute as a button, an infectious giggle, and an attitude.....wow.....
Here's a little photo chronicle of her life with us.

Happy Birthday Hannah!
We love you!

Be blessed,

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

YBC Book Review - "A Father's Love" by David Miles

Today's book review is going to be short and sweet because this book is short and sweet.

I requested the book, "A Father's Love" by David Miles specifically for my 6 year old grandson.
I thought with it being a level 2, and he is only in kindergarten, we could practice his reading together.  Well, he sped through this book without needing any help what-so-ever.  Now I am not saying this book is too easy, I'm saying my Owen is too smart! hahaha
He enjoyed the story, but once read he didn't bother with it again.  But when I told him that we could give it to church, he said no, he wanted to keep it here at my house.  So I'm pretty sure he will read it again.  Now for my take on the book.

I found the story, while true to scripture, a little soft.  Since it is for small children, it is probably ok, but I would have liked it to be longer and with a little more detail with more of a look on the moral aspects and more comparison to God's love for us.  The artwork is very nice, and the colors are bright, perfect for little eyes.

I give this 3 stars, but mostly because, for us, it was a one read time book.

Be blessed,

*while I received this book free of charge from booklookbloggers, the opinion is completely my own.


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