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Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Heros In My Family

What is happening to our world?  How did it get this messed up?  Looter and rioters destroying communities and families, and then blaming the police and government?  Then calling Bruce Jenner a hero?  Now, don't get mad, this is not about the government, or transgender-ism, or race.  It's about changing ourselves, and there by changing the world around us.  And acknowledging the real hero's in our world.  The police who defend the innocent, the firefighters who save those in trouble, and the soldier that defends our freedoms.  Including the freedom of peaceful protest.  Today I would like to honor my family hero's...my firefighters and soldiers.
Tyler and Krystal Alderman....my granddaughter and her husband who serve (and served) in the Navy.
Mikaele Anderson...my grandson in law serving in the Navy.
Nick Coniglio...my nephew who served in the National Guard, and now serves as a volunteer fireman right next to his father, my brother-in-law Felix Coniglio.
My step-son Carl Huntington...a volunteer firefighter, and his son, my grandson Austin who serves by his side.
Alec Huntington...my grandson who serves in the Army.
Chuck Huntington....my step-son who serves as a volunteer firefighter and EMT.
Tim Haley...my nephew who serves as a paramedic and his son Jarrod Forsyth who served as a police officer, and just lost his life in a freak training exercise.

To you all...
thank you.

And now on a lighter side, a few weekends ago, we packed up our kids and traveled to New York for our nieces wedding.  We stayed with Chuckie, and he gave my Brandon a thrill of a lifetime.  He took him out for a ride in the fire truck!

He will talk about this....forever!

Who are you proud of?

Be blessed,

Monday, April 13, 2015

A 50 Year Silence by Miranda Richmond Mouillot

I want to share with you this wonderful book I just finished reading, "A Fifty-Year Silence" by Miranda Richmond Mouillot.
Published by Random House, this is the story of Miranda's grandparents, and their life during, and after WWII.  Through conversations, and letters, and documents, Miranda spent most of her life tracking the ebb and flow of her aging grandparents broken relationship, and gave us a glimpse of how their lives affected hers.  It is truly a love story, and while it may not have the required "happy ending", it is real, and it is captivating, and it is worth remembering.

WWII is more than just a time in history, a school lesson, or a documentary.  We must never forget that it was life, peoples lives, and families, that were forever changed by the circumstances of war.  Any war.  Every war.  There were times reading this book that I almost forgot about the war part of the story, and became more involved in the people part of the story.  But that is what life is about...the people, and how circumstances change people.

Usually, once I am done with a book, I will pass it on.  But not this one.  This will be in my bookshelf, for another read in the future, and to share with my kids when we study WWII in our homeschool.  Because it matters, and we all need "to remember".

So I highly recommend this book.  And I also challenge you.  Once you finish reading this book, think about what happened during the Holocaust, and then look around you.  See what is still happening around the world, and try to make a difference.  One life at a time.

Be blessed,

 "I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review."

Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Statesville Artisian and Crafters Expo 2015

This is a little late in posting, but a few weeks ago I attended my first craft show of the season.
The Statesville Artisian and Crafters Expo was held in our local mall.  While the show was ok, and the promoters worked hard, there was very little foot traffic.  I think that was because the mall is dying.  :0(  When we first moved down here, the mall was at full capacity, but now there are only a handful of shops there.  I heard that the owner of the mall is letting all the leases expire so they can tear it down and build a strip mall, but I don't see that happening.  That whole area of town is is shrinking.  Oh well, at least I made my booth rental and a little extra by the end of the looooong day.
Here's a few pics to lighten the mood.
This is Rena....she does thumbprint art, AND she had her 18 day old baby with her.  I was impressed. 
This is my spot.  
And this is Mabel...my new mannequin.
My new blue shelves and the modge podged heads, you almost can't tell where the cat chewed one of the noses off. lol
How this for a business card holder? Thank You Pinterest. The only problem was that kids kept playing with the slinkys causing the cards to fall.
I met lots of talented people there, and you can see pictures of all the vendors on the SACE 

Now my next show in May is...
Faith Community Fest.  This one looks like a lot of fun.  I bet Hannah doesn't spend much time at our booth during this show. hahaha

Are you participating in any shows this year?

Be blessed,

Sunday, April 5, 2015

He Knows Me By Name

One Word!

That's all it took.

One Word.

And Mary's life was changed....forever.

Mary had gone to the tomb and found it empty.

And I imagine she "lost it".  I would have....

3 days with little to no sleep or food. 

Memories replaying in her mind of THAT day when everything seemed lost.

Now to find that His body also was lost.

Can you imagine that?

The person you loved most died, and you go to the cemetery, and the grave is empty?

How do you respond?

How would YOU respond?

Then she hears a voice.

And talks to that man....not knowing.....

until He says one simple word.


Her name.

And that is all it took, she knew Him, and her heart was healed, and her life reborn.

It's like that for us.  Sometimes we are so busy "looking" for him in our distress, in our crisis, in our chaos, that we don't see him.


Right there.

With us.


For us to turn....

when He calls our name.

Yes, our name.



He know us.


He never left us.

And He never will.

Be blessed,


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