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Thursday, May 28, 2015

On Fire For Handmade Wedding Competition

I was so excited to open up my email the other day to see that my crochet ring bearer pillow is entered in this wonderful contest!

On Fire For Handmade is a great site run by Anne Hopfer and she highlights amazing handcrafted items for all different sites, and to be chosen to be a part is quite an honor.  If I win, I get some free advertising on her site, so please vote for me.  You can check out the other contestants...

So many gorgeous items...so hard to choose.
So, I'll make it easy...choose my crochet ring bearer pillow.

Be blessed,

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Faith Community Fest

This past Saturday I participated in a local festival, The Faith Community Fest.
The promoters did a great job setting this up, there was about 100 vendors, including food, direct marketers, and of course, HANDMADE!!  There was also live music and entertainment.  The weather was nice and didn't get too hot until it was time to pack up. lol
The only down part, there wasn't a lot of foot traffic.  :0(
But this did give me the chance to play around with my tent set up, and to meet new artists.
Look at the new set up.

I love my hot pink tent....so easy to see in a sea of white. lol  The only drawback was it was a little too pinky dark under the tent.  I'll have to look into maybe some pretty string lights and a small generator. And some longer table skirts.  Opps.  I thought I had purchased 2 flat grey sheets, but one of them turned out to be fitted.  Now there are pluses to both, so I'm thinking a flat sheet (for length) with a fitted sheet on top, what do you think?  The small table in the back was a last minute purchase, thus the plastic cover. 

I try to fit the items I offer to the type of show I'm at, the promoter sent out a list of vendors and I could see what else was being offered, so here I had less jewelry and more crochet.  In the basket were some children sized crowns and ninja masks.  And the new card holders were Hannah's idea.  Much easier than the slinky, and easier to carry and display the cards.  They didn't tip over or blow away.  The star blanket turned out to be a wonderful background!

Here's the small table, just the perfect size for these shelves.  I'm working on how to hang cloth from the back to hide where I keep my phone and drinks when I'm sitting back there.  hmmmm, any ideas?

You may recognize these shelves from my last show.  I love the shutter look, but they were just too big and bulky to cart around.  So I had Chuck cut them in half, and they worked out great.  I love the colors of light grey back with the pink/red shelves.  Now I plan to repaint the other shelves to match.  And I like the way the shelves set off the whole tent area as separate from everyone other booth around me.  I also want to get a small area rug, maybe a large welcome mat, to really draw people into the booth.

So, what do you think?
What should I change?
What should I keep the same?

Be blessed,

Monday, May 11, 2015

YBC Book Review - Betting On Hope by Debra Clopton

Betting On Hope
When looking over the selection of books up for review on BookLookBloggers, my daughter Hannah decided to help me choose, and she chose Betting on Hope by Debra Clopton.  So I requested it, explaining to her that she would have to read it and write the review as part of her homeschool.
Well, she hates to read, and likes writing even less, so I ended up reading this book.
As first I was frustrated with Hannah, because fictional romance is NOT my favorite genre of book.  But I do have to say, that I did enjoy this book.
It wasn't your normal rich man meets poor woman and rescues her crap. lol
This was a story about 2 people dealing with hurts in their life that resulted in not much trust or faith in the opposite sex.  And while there was some references to their mutual attraction, it was not hot and heavy, or distracting to the story.  I also enjoyed how the author added other interesting characters and story lines to the main story to give it more depth.

Here's a brief synopsis...
Journalist meets rodeo star for story.
Journalist opens her mouth and puts her foot in it (I can relate to that) and ends up doing a long series on how above rodeo star must teach her to ride a horse.
Journalist comes to the aid of a homeless pregnant teenager.
During the training period, there are some fun stories and intereactions with the townspeople.
Journalist and rodeo star help each other learn to trust again, and fall in love.

I give it 4 stars....

Be blessed,

*I received this book free from BookLookBloggers in exchange for my honest opinion.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Heros In My Family

What is happening to our world?  How did it get this messed up?  Looter and rioters destroying communities and families, and then blaming the police and government?  Then calling Bruce Jenner a hero?  Now, don't get mad, this is not about the government, or transgender-ism, or race.  It's about changing ourselves, and there by changing the world around us.  And acknowledging the real hero's in our world.  The police who defend the innocent, the firefighters who save those in trouble, and the soldier that defends our freedoms.  Including the freedom of peaceful protest.  Today I would like to honor my family hero's...my firefighters and soldiers.
Tyler and Krystal Alderman....my granddaughter and her husband who serve (and served) in the Navy.
Mikaele Anderson...my grandson in law serving in the Navy.
Nick Coniglio...my nephew who served in the National Guard, and now serves as a volunteer fireman right next to his father, my brother-in-law Felix Coniglio.
My step-son Carl Huntington...a volunteer firefighter, and his son, my grandson Austin who serves by his side.
Alec Huntington...my grandson who serves in the Army.
Chuck Huntington....my step-son who serves as a volunteer firefighter and EMT.
Tim Haley...my nephew who serves as a paramedic and his son Jarrod Forsyth who served as a police officer, and just lost his life in a freak training exercise.

To you all...
thank you.

And now on a lighter side, a few weekends ago, we packed up our kids and traveled to New York for our nieces wedding.  We stayed with Chuckie, and he gave my Brandon a thrill of a lifetime.  He took him out for a ride in the fire truck!

He will talk about this....forever!

Who are you proud of?

Be blessed,


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