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Monday, November 16, 2015

YBC Book Review - America the Strong, Conservative Ideas to Spark the Next Generation, by William . Bennett

I requested the book
by William J. Bennett from Tyndale House for use as part of the homeschool curriculum for Hannah

I love the way it is set up....it starts with an explanation of conservatism, along with a brief history.  Then it is broken up into 5 easy sections.
Free Enterprise.
Limited Government
Individual Liberty
National Defense
Traditional Values.
This book does not explore the views of just one type of conservative, but all of them.  Did you know there was more than one type?  I discovered that being a conservative is many things to many people.
This book now has many highlighted areas...both from me and my daughter.  And I took it one step farther and created questionnaires for each chapter.  
The author, William J. Bennett is the former U.S. Secretary of Education (which is why this was an easy book to turn into a school subject) and is the current host of the 7th-ranked nationally syndicated radio program "Morning in America." 
One of my favorite quotes is "liberal ideals often appeal to the passions and enthusiasm of youth, but wisdom and experience eventually lead people to become more conservative."  I have found that to be true in my own life.  And now my youngest daughter is mostly following in my footsteps, unlike my older children who I raised when I was still very much a liberal myself.  But as they grow, and their children grow, I can already see the tide turning in their opinions.

So, I give this book 4 stars and will use it for the next few years in our homeschool curriculum.

Be blessed,

- Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book

Monday, November 9, 2015

SACE 2015 Fall Show Sneak Peek #2

Only 2 weeks left till my favorite craft show of the year.
Let's see who else is going to be there....

I love journals...I have books stashed everywhere in my house.  No Evernote for me. lol.  Glenise shares her handcrafted journals created with vintage finds in her Etsy shop Stone Bridge Lane.  I can't wait to see these creations in person.  My favorite one in her shop is this Brave Girl Journal.

For the accessory lover, we will have Debra from Outtadabag. She creates bags of all shapes and sizes.  I really like this Chili Pepper Bag.

For those of you outside of the southern United States, and outside North Carolina....this is a corn hole board with the colors of the NC Tarheels.  After moving down here, I quickly learned that THIS is the team to cheer for, at least if I want my neighbors to talk to me. lol.  Susan from Design Crazy has these, and so much more to offer.  Painted glass.  Upcycled pieces.  And some AMAZING barn quilts.   

The artistic tool of choice for Robert and Billie is a scroll saw.  And they are very talented with that saw.  Check out the detail of Santa Clause on sleigh during his midnight flight.  They have a lot more to offer on Specialties Crafts.

Here's another great looking Santa, this one is from Flowerpot Friends.  Cheryl and her hubby just let their imaginations run wild with flower pots...so very cute.

There are soooo many other artists that don't have an online presence, so you need to be sure to stop by The Statesville Christian School in Statesville, NC on Saturday November 21.  Look for me, I'll be there too. :)

Be blessed,

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Here's music to bless your soul.

Let His Love flow over you today.

Be blessed,

Thursday, November 5, 2015

SACE 2015 Fall Show Sneak Peek #1

I have been so busy this year with craft show after craft show, that I have sorely neglected my blog.  But I am going to remedy that with this sneak peak at some of the handmade lovelies you'll find at The Statesville Artisan and Crafters Expo Fall 2015 show.

First up is Arty Fartsy.
Artsy Farsty is a small craft business that was started by Brooke and Emily. They make ladder yarn necklaces, earrings, and stationary.

Then comes The Hobby Sisters.
"Our names are Candice and Katie and before you ask, no, we aren't really sisters. :-) Our kids are great friends who love to play together so we were always hanging out together so we started making these things and this all just kinda happened. We hope you love our stuff as much as we do." You can also find them on Google+.

Carol will be there as Blessed Stitches.  She creates hooded towels, key chains, and other various handmade sewing items.

I did absolutely no gardening or canning this year, so you will see me visiting Kim's booth, Sweet Morning Farms.  Artisan jams and fresh breads....yummmmmmy.  My Hannah is a bread fanatic, so I will have to hide my money. lol

Now this is a local show in Statesville, NC so I'm sure many of you won't be able to visit us there.  But on the day of the show I will be sharing tons of pictures and links.  If you are in town, come on down.  We are also having a chili cook-off, and that is sure to be fun.

Be blessed,