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Sunday, November 4, 2012

52 days till Christmas - time for some ornaments

The other day I shared with you some great home decor for the holiday season.  Now, the focal point of any Christmas decor is the tree.  Growing up we would go to a tree farm and cut down our trees, then for many years we used an artificial.  Now we are back to using a real tree, but we don't cut it down ourselves.  There is something wonderful about the feel and smell of a Douglas Fir to set the mood for Christmas.  Today let's go shopping for some ornaments for our trees.

so delicate and lacy...linen snowballs by LiRaDesigns
this is a wonderful ornament...Honor the Hero's by rockymountainornaments
and finally, how about a beautiful handpainted original...white and red abstract by reflections.
These are just a few of the amazing handmade and original ornaments just waiting for you to take them home and hang them up.  Next we'll look at what we'll need for entertaining.  Until then,
Be blessed,


  1. You found some wonderful ornaments!! I especially love the polymer clay snowflake, it makes me smile too!!

  2. Love these ornaments, makes me want to get busy on my own.

  3. Love the Beatles! and all the others too! Thank you so much for including my red and white hand painted ornament♥

  4. Oh I really like those linen snowballs and the polymer clay ornament. Lovely ornament finds, Debbi!