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Thursday, November 22, 2012

HAF artist spotlight - A Bead Thing

Today I want to share with you a great jewelry designer (and friend) from HandmadeArtists.com.
Her name is Pam and her shop is A Bead Thing, and I'm telling you, she sure does have a thing for beads.  And that's a good thing for us, because she has a great talent for designing wonderful pieces of jewelry.  Here's one..
Pam created these cute apple earrings out of some polymer clay, then she added a silver bead cap, a tiny swarovski black bead, and a tiny silver leaf, because every apple comes from trees you know, :~D  Pam is a semi-retired realtor in Florida...but I happen to know that her most important job, and the one that brings her great joy, is being a gramma!  And boy, do I know that feeling myself.  Pam shares her home with her daughter and grandson, and while that can be hectic at times, I'm sure she wouldn't trade it for anything.  In fact, it was her daughter that encouraged Pam on the journey of jewelry design.
I love the style of this Pearl Bling Ring, which is one of many rings in her shop.  She has this great technique of stringing the beads so each ring will fit most size of fingers.  For this particular ring she paired up deep amethyst seed beads with classic white pearls, which I think gives this ring a Victorian feel.  Pam also writes a nice blog, full of crafting tips, recipe's, artists features, and a peek into her personal life.  She is also a contributing blogger on the HandmadeArtists.com site where she just shared a post about creating out of your passion.
This last piece is my absolute favorite of her shop.  This emerald swarovski sparkles bracelet is simply stunning.  If you like the style, but would prefer a different color center bead, say for a birthstone color, just message Pam and I am sure she would be more than happy to accommodate your specific needs.  There are many places all over the web where you can find A Bead Thing...like her very own website, facebook, and twitter.   So this Christmas, visit A Bead Thing, or any other shop at the HandmadeArtists site, and find that perfect one of a kind gift for someone special in your life.  And have a Happy Thanksgiving today!
Be blessed,


  1. Great Feature about a neat and very talented gal. Love that Emerald Sparkles bracelet. One of my favorite pieces in her shop.

  2. Thanks to a wonderful friend for a great post. Blushing here!!! :0

  3. This is a great post about a very talented artist.

  4. Very good presentation for "Bead Thing."

  5. Great post and I like the pictures you picked. Beautiful items~

  6. Love how you described each item--nice job!



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