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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The 10 day YOU challenge - 3 films

This week on the 10 day You challenge from BlogLoveTherapy I get to share my 3 favorite films.
Just like last week, this is going to be hard for me, so I'm going to share my 3 favorite genres in film...
1) Comedies..."The Philadelphia Story", "Bringing Up Baby", "Arsenic and Old Lace", "Bennie and June", "The Gods Must Be Crazy"....and of course, any Monty Python movie will do for me.  Basically, I like goofy and slapstick, and what my hubby calls "stupid" movies..."Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" comes to mind. :0)
2) Romance...classics like "The Philadelphia Story", "Summersby", "Love Comes Softly", "The Princess Bride" (which could also fit under comedies).
3)  Musicals..."The Music Man", anything with Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire.  I even like the more modern ones like "Mama Mia".  As long as the music is good (no screaming guitars please) and the story line makes sense.
Well, that's 3, but I'm not done yet! lol
4) Cartoons!  Classic Disney, of course.  But I also love the Madagascar series, Cars, Ice Age.  I'm just a big kid at heart.
5) Westerns...yes, I'm a John Wayne fan.
6) Historical Drama..."Hidden in Silence", "Schindler's List".
7) Action, as long as there's not too much violence..."10000 BC", "Men in Black", James Bond  but only if it's Sean Connery.
umm, I think that's cover most everything. 
And I do have to say, that while I have seen a few, I detest horror movies....
Not scary movies, but horror movies with demons and such.
Now for my all time favorite, top of my list movie, that I will watch all year long...
"White Christmas".
Ok, that's my list...What's yours?
Be blessed,


  1. Fun list of films! I must admit that I love animated films as well. Sure, the kids love watching them, but I do just as much as they do! =0)

  2. You have a really good list! You left off horror. LOL



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