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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

my family tree and our newest nut

Sometimes there is nothing worse, but most of the time, there is nothing better.  And the best thing about families is being a grandmother...you get to have all the fun without the responsibilities.  So let me introduce you to grandbaby # 14....baby Frescholtz!

This little one belongs to my oldest son Greg and his wife Kristen, and hopefully we'll get to meet him/her in August.  I know I've talked about our kids...a lot...and if your interested, I thought I would give you a peek at our tree...color coded. :0)
Black=our kids (spouses), grandchildren (spouses), great-grandchildren
Chuckie (Lori), Matthew, Scarlet, Amanda, Aubrey, Emily
Colleen (Pat), Patrick (Kayla), Krystal (Tyler) TJ, Shannon (Mikaele), Landen, Christian
Carl (April), Alec, Adrianna, Austin
Scott, Nicole, Conner, Leland, Madison
Michele (DeWayne), Gianna
Greg (Kristen), baby Frescholtz - see above
Amanda (Brandon), Owen
Joshua (Tara)
Now I have to include these kids, that while they are not "legally" ours, in our hearts, they are as much a part of our family as the rest...
Brandon, Witney, Destiny
When God said to be fruitful...we took it personally!  Are you part of a large family or a small one?
Be blessed,


  1. Congratulations! May your newest grandchild arrive healthy, robust, & beautiful.

  2. As the generations of come (and gone) the began large, but now we are reduced to just two girls, one son-in-law and me (oh, and a sister-in-law - in Mexico, and a brother and sister-in-law in France, plus their off spring). Being an orphan, although adopted by a maternal aunt, I'm part of a reasonably large family on that side, but don't have much clue about my paternal side. I have two half-nieces (my Dad was married before be married my Mum) and had one half-nephew, who died young from Cancer, but have only ever met them once, so can't really claim to know them. Sometimes envy folks like you with a clutch like yours: on the other hand.....there are blessings in a small unit too.

    Isobel: www.ColdhamCuddliescalling.blogspot.com.

    1. oh Isobel, I can't imagine growing up in a small family. I myself was the younges of 10 and Chuck was from a family of 9. But it can be very hectic, and loud, and the arguments? epic, lol. But I've learned something from having all these mixed families (I have step-siblings, my kids have step-siblings, plus foster and adopted kids) God does not create families just with flesh and blood. If you have good close friends, then you have family.

  3. New follower from Etsy! Congrats on the new addition to the family!!

  4. Wow! 14 grandbabies! Congratulations on the new baby coming soon! My family is tiny compared to yours.

  5. Congrats! So many grandchildren to spoil.

  6. How sweet. Your family tree is growing! :)

  7. What a wonderfully large family. You are so blessed.

  8. Congratulations! My dad is from a family of 17 and my mom is one of 5. But together they only had the two of us and my brother just got married 2 years ago (no kids) and I'm single (no kids). So the part of our immediate family tree is small but I had loads of cousins! Seriously. :-)