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Friday, January 25, 2013

what's new Friday finds...

I have been having the most unproductive month....I think my muse and my time keeper ran away together.  I don't seem to have time to create, and when I make time, my mind goes blank.  So for inspiration, I did some searching on HandmadeArtists.com and Etsy.com for new listings.  Look what I found on Etsy...

Now how cute is this Crochet Wolf by REcreationsyarn? His name is Timber and he is 9.5" tall.
Then there's this amazing roving combed fiber by TheCritterRanch.  I could just see this finished as a beautiful soft scarf, I can feel my creative juices starting to drip.  How about this original modern abstract art piece from ModernHouseArt.  These flowers are painted with a pallet knife instead of a brush which makes them just pop off the canvas.  I love it!
Now we're off to my newest favorite place...HandmadeArtists.com.

I find these Mustache Mens Cuff Links by Baronyka to be a hoot!  My Chuck shaved his mustache off last month, and everyone bugged him, so now he's growing it back.  Yeah for me. :0)
The Red Butterfly Pendant is made of acrylic and can also be found in the shop of Baronyka.
Now, there is a story behind these Ice Skate Baby Booties by IKnitQuiltSew.  This is a new original pattern that Sandi created, and when it came time to attach the blades, she shared it with us in the forum, and it was fun to see all the different ideas, which is why I love the HandmadeArtist Forum, what a great family.  So, I feel that we all should get credit for the skates!  Ok, not really, but aren't they adorable???  And you don't have to have a shop on the site to join the forum, come and check us out.   Now it's your turn, what new items have you created this week?  Share it with a comment.  And I'll hopefully see you all tomorrow.
Be blessed,


  1. HandmadeArtists... the ultimate support group! Yes, you all do get credit for the help! Thank you so much for spotlighting my Ice Skate Booties!

  2. Great finds!! Love the ice skate booties!

    I know what you mean about not having time... I find I am always running out of it! My time keeper must have run away with yours! lol!

  3. Wow, these are great finds. I love the crochet wolf! I never seem to have enough time either! :)

  4. Nice finds. I really like the butterfly.

  5. Great finds, great inspiration. Timekeeper? I did not know we could get a timekeeper :). If I ever had one he got lost in the bead soup on my work table. Love the post Debbi. What did I do this week, well, artistry wise, nothing for me either.

  6. I love the wolf, I have an origami wolf on my shelf in the den and they could be pals. lol

    Pam aka Momma