Monday, February 4, 2013

a wonderful wolf

A little bit ago, I shared with you this crochet wolf that I found on Etsy.  Isn't he cute?

On Saturday, he became MINE!  Robin sent me this little fellow, and I can't tell you how cute he is in "real life".  Extremely well made, and large!  My newest grandbaby is going to love him.  That is, if I can bear to let him go, lol.  Now y'all need to visit Robins shop REcreations to see all her wonderful creations.  And they are all her creations, all her items are her own original designs.  Here's a few more to look at, just to get you started.

Ginger the cow                            super soft Bunny Rabbit             colorful pinata
 This was hard, I could be here all day, her items are that cute!!!
Now for all you readers out there, I got a new blog follower from Saturdays blog hop, and so I went to check out her blog.  Well, let me tell you, there is only a few blogs that I actually subscribe to so I don't miss anything....and Black Ink Paperie has just become my newest favorite read.  With my blog being mostly a craft blog, and most blogs I follow are craft blogs, it is so refreshing to read something that has nothing to do with crafts, or on-line selling, or search engine optimization.  That's what this blog is, just a great read.  I'm not sure if what Bev is writing is her actual real life, or her imaginary life, or a mixture of both, but I am hooked!  I was trying to come up with a word to describe Bev and her writing, and all that came to mind is "quirky"....check it out....I bet you'll love it too.   So, that's it for my sharing today.
Be blessed,


Pam Andrews said...

Love the little animals and the blog that you mentioned, well I went and I read and I was so entralled, I stayed and subscribed. Thanks

Myeuropeantouch Fischer said...

How adorable, Debbi, I am sure your new one will love it and that blog....that girl is hilarious and erfreshingly honest....♥♥♥ MOnika

Bev said...

dear debbi, thank you so much for all your kind words and the shout out. i really appreciate it. my post are all true - about growing up in nova scotia and now, farming in alberta. i glad you like it. you made my day. thanks again

2justByou said...

Look at the pinata!!! How cool is that? Seriously cute...All of them!

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