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Saturday, March 2, 2013

celebrate your sisters...

I am blessed to have been born the youngest of 6 children.  Of course, I have not always felt blessed, but I do love my siblings.  I have 2 older brothers and 3 older sisters.  Being the youngest meant that I was stuck with a lot of hand me downs...and a lot of teasing, but my oldest sister Kathy protected me and defended me from most of that.  This picture was taken in 2001, when my youngest son graduated from high school.  We had just lost my mother the year before, and at this time my sister Kathy was battling cancer.  But she was still the big sister, bossing the rest of us around.  She was using a wheelchair by then, and I have a wonderful memory of her telling my son to park her in front of the hockey goal, and then letting my young grandchildren kick balls to her while she tried to block them...from her chair.  She was an amazing woman.  
From left to right is..
Dawn, Debbi (me), Kathy, Barb.

And to celebrate my big sisters (all 3 of them) I created the Big Sister Teddy Bears.
These teddy bears love to hang out together, sharing secrets, sharing scarves.  Big sister bear measures 9 1/2" tall, and little sister bear measures only 9" tall.  The eyes and noses are sewn on so there is no worries of them falling off.  These would be a great gift to give your own big sister.  Or to give the new big sister when you bring home the newest addition to your family.  If you would like these in a different color, I would love the make them especially for you, just visit my shop at Handmade Artists and leave me a message.

Kakie (that was my nickname for her) lost her battle to cancer not long after her visit, and I miss her every day.  So please, if you have a sister, or brother, or anybody that you love, tell them so....today.  And as for me, I'll see Kakie again, someday soon.
Be blessed,


  1. Awesome post Debbi. I cried buckets and I love the bears

  2. Beautiful post Debbi, brought tears to my eyes. Sweet little bears!

  3. What a wonderful tribute to your sister! Not only are the bears darling, but the story makes them that much more special.

  4. Debbi, what a story you shared, you are right, do tell everyone you love today and dont wait, we might not have another, we never know...♥♥♥ Monika
    And the bears are such a wonderful tribute....

  5. The teddy bears are so sweet. I am sorry to hear you lost your sister. :( Memories are such a beautiful thing. I am also the baby too but with 2 older brothers (always wanted a sister).

  6. Aaw, Debbi. I'm so sorry for your losses. Your mother and then your sister so soon after...The Big Sister Teddy Bears are a great tribute. YOU are also an amazing woman, and I'm certain that your mother and sister had something to do with that. =0)

  7. thank you everyone for your comments...and you're right Kim, my mom and Kakie were both great moms to me.

  8. Debbi this is a beautiful post. I am a teddy bear lover and your are wonderful.



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