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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Making summer memories

It's that time of year again, not only do I plan our summer garden, I also plan our summer trips.  That's me...the planner.  This year in August we are going to the beach again!  But this time we're heading north and will be going to Virginia Beach.  We'll be going to historic Williamsburg (homeschooling again) and maybe a day in Washington DC...but the biggest reason will be to see our newest grandchild, who is due to enter the world August 8.  While looking through my old pictures on my computer (I really need to print and scrapbook them), I can across this video of Owen talking to Poppa about our time on the beach last summer.  I love that guys giggle!
Now let's go shopping for beachy items....

I could stare at this beach photo for hours...and just feel the sand between my toes.  Pop over to
CT Costa Photography to get a print for yourself.

Or you can throw these beach day bath bombs in the tub and dream about laying on the warm sand soaking up the hot sun....you can get these in the shop of Choshu.  

Both of these shops can be found on

I have started filling my seasonal section in my own Handmade Artists shop, and in there you will find fun flip flops, and this smiling sun anklet.  And there is more sun fun to come.  

What are you plans for this summer?  A trip to the beach?  Or days home by the pool?  The possibilities are endless, so share your plans with the rest of us.

Be blessed,


  1. Thank you Debbi for featuring my "Waiting for the Sun" photography print. A wonderful blog!

    Thanks again, Chris

    CT Costa Photography

  2. What a great summer trip you're planning! I've always wanted to go there, I hope you'll post pictures. How wonderful to be there for the arrival of your newest grandchild, congratulations. Thank you for sharing the video, Owen's giggles made me smile! Great beach selections... Off to check them out!

  3. Oh, a beach trip would be nice! How fun to plan!

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  6. Great post Debbi. I love that anklet! I have no plans but would love to go to the beach. Camping would be cool too.