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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What's new at Handmade Artists?

Next week I will be resuming my normal Wednesday features on some wonderful shops at Handmade Artists.  But for today, let's just see what's new there...(we've had an amazing influx of new shops the past few months!)

WOW!  The colors on this print of birdhouses is wonderful!  A mix of mediums and techniques (from hand printing to digital painting) makes this 8x10 print of her original artwork a great piece for every room of the house.  You can find this print in the shop The Merry Raven.

In another new shop, The Woodhut, I found this wonderfully rustic mulitpurpose hanging rack.  The back is aged cedar lumber, and the hooks are those white porcelain insulators you find on electrical fencing.  Ok, most city kids might not recognize them, but us country folk do. :0)

Bring your feathered friends indoors with this chartreuse green pillow cover.   The birds were printed with white screen printing ink, and with an envelope closure on the back, this is easy to pop on and off a pillow form for easy cleaning.  You can find this in LyndiArt's Shop.

There is so much more to see at Handmade Artists, so click on over and check out the talent.

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  1. Cool birdhouses print! I'd love to see some birdhouses painted like that in the neighborhood. =0) A few years ago, we bought some plain wood birdhouses, and my kids painted them. It was fun.

    1. we love birdhouses. Chuck has about 8 in our back yard, but he painted them all boring green and brown to blend into the trees. lol

  2. Those birdhouses are cute! And love the pillow!

  3. It's so fun to see the new shops and all the fun stuff they bring with them! Exciting!