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Monday, May 20, 2013

look what I found on twitter

I like twitter.  I use it a lot, mostly because it is so easy to share stuff with only one click.  This morning I thought I would check out what others are tweeting about....and share them with you.

wow, I love the color of this silver red agate ring by riorita.  this is NOT just a stone glued into a setting, Irith is a very skilled silversmith and handcrafted every part of this beautiful ring...and she offers free shipping from Israel.  Plus I know Irith, and she is not only a talented jewelry designer, but also a super nice person.

When I saw the tweet for orange slice string art, what first came to mind was the traditional string art of the 70's, but what I found was this way cool acrylic painting of an orange slice with string in it.  I love the color, of course, but I also started to drool looking at it because it looks delicious.  You can find this at 

The last thing I'll share is this really cool facebook page I found...crafthunters.  Ok, to be totally honest, it was this picture that got me hooked. hahaha.  That is so me, and most of my friends, huddled over our crafting tables, cackling like a bunch of old hens...
It's actually a Russian page, translated in English, and has some totally cool do-it-yourself crafting ideas.  
I liked it. :0)

So, what do you tweet?

Be blessed,


  1. That orange slice is amazing -- I checked out her shop and she is very talented. She has a string art painting of peacock feathers that is beautiful!

  2. Great twitter finds! I love twitter too, and when I have time, I love to go through and see what others are tweeting about. =0)
    The string art is really cool. It does remind me of the 70s...a luggage set my mom had, especially.
    I tweet about handmade goodies too, and other cool stuff I find.

  3. Great finds. I love that ring, the color of the stone is just gorgeous!

  4. Cool Twitter finds. That orange slice is amazing. I love how the string is worked into it. It is fun clicking on Tweets to see what is behind them!

  5. thank you ladies...yes, I'm am really (finally) getting into this twitter fad. hahaha