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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Handmade Artists feature "Independence Day with Thunder Rose Leather"

Now, I know that the 4th of July is right around the corner, but yesterday we watched "Independence Day" with Will Smith...so guess what direction this artist feature is going to take!
Our featured artist this week is Thunder Rose Leather, a dynamic duo (John and Debbie) from Arizona, and they make amazing items with leather.  All their items are made one at a time, with great attention given to authentic details, from the fringe to the sewing to the beadwork.  Check it out.

I found this knife sheath in their Handmade Artists shop.  What a great item...it is made of buffalo leather and uses a buffalo snap for closure.  The bead work is so intricate and beautiful.

Yeah, I can see Will carrying his alien defeating knife in this sheath.  Of course, if you don't carry knives around, I could see the rest of us regular people using this to keep small but important items with us when we are out and about.

Here's a wonderful fringed and beaded flute bag from their Etsy shop.  It measures 24" long, and is on sale...right now!
They say that music soothes the savage beast, so every alien hunter needs to learn how to play a flute.
(in case you're wondering, the actual saying is music soothes the savage breast, but I'm not sure about an aliens anatomy).

As part of this feature, I went cruising thru the Handmade Artists site, and found a whole shop dedicated to aliens, Art From Steel, and that's where I found this amazing crouching alien. It is made out of pieces of scrap metal, and totally cool looking.

And last, from my shop, let me share my photograph of this unkown (to me) plant I came across while hiking one day. It looks like something that aliens would grow, don't you think?

Here are the rest of the links for Thunder Rose Leather...so go and visit them, now.  Yes now.  You'll love what you'll see.

Be blessed,


  1. I love your artist feature! I really like Native American inspired items. Even. Tater when they are authentic. :)

  2. Thanks for a great feature Debbi! I love that movie! I saw that movie with my daughter when it first came out and it was the first time I experienced surround sound. I was blown away. Totally amazing!

  3. Welcome to Earth. Noting to see here, now go home; but wait, don't forget to stop by the Gift Shop and check out those fabulous Earth Souvenirs. From Leather Carrying bags to beads for trading on another world, the gift shop is full of surprising and amazing things.

  4. Great post! That crouching alien is something special!! way too cool!!

  5. Great post and awesome movie relation. Love the pieces your chose and that alien is gruesome but awesome.