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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Craft Star artist feature - Classically Romantic

Today I visited the shop of Classically Romantic at The Craft Star, and fell in love!
This shop carries wonderfully soft jewelry.  Yes, jewelry can be soft, and sweet.  All these pieces are designed by Anna, who started her journey selling her jewelry at craft shows and her family's garage sales.  She decided to jump into the online world of retail in 2010, and has been selling on The Craft Star since 2012.  Let me share with you some of her pieces that have caught my eye!

Hannah would love this Sherlock Holmes inspired necklace.  The tiny little magnifying glass is so cute.  Hannah loves to pretend that she is solving mysteries, and Bones is her favorite show.

Here's a sweet piece for the woman that is just a little bit wild, lol.  Pretty silver twigs joined together makes this quite a stunning statement piece.  I could see a bride wearing this in an outdoor wedding.  Dainty and bold.

This last piece is by far my favorite.  This skeleton key necklace  is cute, yet punk, all at the same time.  What a great idea to do with old keys.

You can find Classically Romantic, and Anna at the following sites....

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  1. I like the twigs, they look so delicate.


  2. The Sherlock Holmes necklace is very pretty

  3. OH, I love jewelry, and these are all winners!! :)

  4. These are all great statement pieces! The tree branches are so beautiful.

  5. I like that silver twigs necklace! =0)

  6. it looks like the twig necklace is everyone fav!