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Thursday, August 29, 2013

my almost Friday finds....handmade all the way

Everyone does a Friday Finds post, and since I like to be difficult, I will do mine on Thursdays. hahaha.
So what's new in the world of handmade?

Over at the Handmade Artists site I found these 3 beauties.

I love Winnie the Pooh, so this natural stone tile is a must for me. You can find this in the shop of Sierra Dawn Designs.

This 2 tone Men's wedding ring just took my breath away.  You'll find this, and so many other wonderful engagement rings and wedding bands in the shop of Vidar Jewelry.

Chainmaille just fascinates me, and this roundmaille bracelet is something that I would wear, everyday.  Visit ChaynMayle's shop for this and more.

Ok, let's hop on over to Etsy...
You know, I hate to say it, but it's getting more difficult to find real handmade at Etsy, and not imports.  But I did find these...

UNICORN FARTS lip balm!  I love it.  yeah, I know, demented.  yeppers. lol.  You'll find a bunch of balms and soaps and stuff in this shop, The Long Winter Soap Co.

This crochet snowman hat pattern is just what I need for Quintin's first Christmas this year.  You'll find all sorts of way too cute patterns in this shop, Beezy Mom's Creations.  I had to favorite this shop so I can find her again.

I love original artwork, and to wrap up my early Friday finds, I found this very pretty and colorful abstract painting of looking up thru the trees.  This is from Tim Lam's shop Elseart.  Tim has a wonderful style, full of color and joy.

Well, that's it for today.  Be sure to click on a link and support the handmade community.  Nothing says love better than handmade.  And then come back tomorrow when I share what's new in my shop!
Be blessed,


  1. You will always find handmade items in my Etsy shop. I take a lot of time making each item. My cards are all locally printed and I, or a member of my family, took the photographs for them.


    Several shop owners I know work very hard to bring quality handmade items to people. Maybe you're not looking in the right spots, Deb.


    1. I wasn't trying to diss Etsy. But, compared to even just last year, there are more resellers and imports there than handmade. I always try to include handmade from Etsy in my handmade posts because of shops like yours. I don't feel that the front page is handmade friendly. And you have to scroll all the way down to the bottom to find the recently listed, and even then, many of the shops I visited were imports (mostly from Thailand) or mass produced supplies. It just made me frustrated, and sad.