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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Craft Star artist feature - Noveenna

Today I want to show you the shop of a new "friend" of mine over at The Craft Star. Her name is Anne and her shop is Noveenna.  (What an interesting name).
Anne creates the most beautiful beaded/woven pieces of jewelry.  And I love the message in her shop announcement..."I beadweave with seed beads for the sake of my sanity".  
Trust me, I've worked with seed beads before, and they are a sure way to help me lose my sanity, so hats off to you Anne. :-)   Let's check out a few of her items.
Isn't this GORGEOUS????  I love, love, love the colors and patterns.  Anne calls it Faith Beadwoven Cuff
I want to call it mine...hahahaha
Here we go, I found something orange.  I love orange.  My mom loved orange.  To the point that she even bought a sports car back in the 70's just because it was orange.  (inside and out).  The fact that it didn't run didn't seem to make much difference to her, she had an orange car. hahahaha.  
If you want these Orange Sorbet beaded earrings, you better click on the link and get them now. 
Just look at this Lemon Sunshine beaded collar necklace!  Not only is this so very pretty and delicate, I can't imagine the work that went into stringing and weaving all these seed beads.  Amazing.
In Anne's shop, there are 304 items to choose from, so grab a cuppa joe and follow these links...
bib necklace, bracelets, collar necklaces, cuff bracelets, earrings, lariats, lighter cover sleeves, necklaces, pendant necklaces.  And you can read her blog, like her on facebook, follow her on twitter, and follow her on pinterest.  There, that should keep you busy for awhile. :-)  
And make sure you let her know that I sent you.
Be blessed,
P.S.  Anne...thanks for all the RTs.  ((hugs))


  1. What a nice surprise! Thank you Debbi!
    ps: your welcome ..... :)

  2. Liking the colours and pattern of the cuff!